New Mexico Tech Writing Program

Maggie Griffin Taylor, Julianne Newmark, and Steve Simpson

One document that has been most important to our program is a memo that was written to the Vice President of Academic Affairs in Spring semester 2012.  In it, we requested more money for writing tutors in the Writing Center. This request was made in writing and in person and was granted with very little opposition, which enabled our departmental to fund student workers to serve both the writing program and the writing center.  Historically, our department’s student workers were employed to support writing faculty specifically; eventually, these student workers became the trained tutors in the Writing Center.  Because of the success of the Writing Center and its significant growth, as detailed in this memo, we needed to secure additional resources to employ more tutors and to ensure that these tutors were trained, that the center was staffed adequately at peak hours, and that certain tutors were trained specifically for graduate students and L2 learners.  This memo succeeded in securing that funding.

Download the Writing Center Funding Request Memo