Curious about what’s in the book? Here’s a sneak peak of the TOC!

Section 1: Majors and Minors, Undergraduate and Graduate Writing Curriculums

  1. Miami University Major in Professional Writing, Heidi A. McKee
  2. Oakland University Writing and Rhetoric Major, Greg A. Giberson, Lori Ostergaard, and Marshall Kitchens
  3. Purdue University Graduate Program in Rhetoric and Composition, Patricia Sullivan
  4. Rowan University Major in Writing Arts, Sanford Tweedie
  5. University of Rhode Island Writing Major , Nedra Reynolds and Joannah Portman-Daley
  6. University of Wyoming Professional Writing Minor, Michael Knievel and Meg Van Baalen-Wood

Section 2: Writing and Communication Across the Curriculum

  1. Louisiana State University Communication Across the Curriculum, Sarah Liggett
  2. Monmouth College Communication Across the Curriculum, Bridget Draxler
  3. Old Dominion University Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Remica Bingham-Risher
  4. University of Missouri Campus Writing Program, Bonnie Selting and Amy Lannin

Section 3: First-Year Composition and Introductory College Literacy  

  1. Arizona State University Writers’ Studio Online, Angela Clark-Oates
  2. John Jay College of Criminal Justice First Year Writing Program, Tim McCormack and Mark McBeth
  3. Onondaga Community College Writing Program, Malkiel Choseed
  4. Our Lady of the Lake University QUEST First-Year Writing Program, Candace Zepeda
  5. St. Louis Community College ESL Program, Lisa Wilkinson and Heather McKay
  6. University of Notre Dame University Writing Program, Patrick Clauss
  7. University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire University Writing Program, Shevaun Watson
  8. University of Wisconsin – Superior Basic Writing, John McCormick, Heather McGrew, and Jamie White-Farnham
  9. Utah Valley University Department of Literacies and Composition, Jacqueline Preston and Deborah Marrott

Section 4: Writing Centers and Writing Support 

  1. Duquesne University Writing Center, James P. Purdy
  2. Indiana University of Pennsylvania Kathleen Jones White Writing Center, Leigh Ann Dunning and Ben Rafoth
  3. University of Connecticut Writing Center, Thomas Deans and Kathleen Tonry
  4. Shepherd University Academic Support Center, Christy I. Wenger
  5. Wallace Community College Center for Writing and Writing Instruction, Emily W. Cosgrove
  6. Westminster College Writing Center, Christopher LeCluyse

Section 5: Integrated Programs  

  1. Arizona State University Writing Programs in the Department of English, Shirley K. Rose, Susan Naomi Bernstein, and Brent Chappelow
  2. Colby College Writing Program & Farnham Writers’ Center, Stacey Sheriff and Paula Harrington
  3. Drew University Vertical Writing Program, Sandra Jamieson
  4. New Mexico Tech Writing Program and Writing Center , Maggie Griffin Taylor, Julianne Newmark, and Steve Simpson
  5. Pomona College WAC-Based First-Year Writing Seminar and Writing Center, Dara Regaignon

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