Colby College Writing Program and Farnham Writers’ Center

Stacey Sheriff and Paula Harrington

We have made three documents available in this online companion of primary documents.  Each semester, we distribute our five-page “Writing Fellow Program” document electronically and by paper to all faculty members who have writing fellows; it sets clear guidelines for both faculty and fellows. In addition to outlining roles and responsibilities for writing fellows, it suggests specific ways that fellows might assist with writing-related tasks. It also provides faculty with suggestions on how to work best with their fellows and informs them about what fellows can and cannot do.

We’ve also included two flyers that illustrate one year’s worth of offerings in the Writing Pedagogy Lunch series that I (Stacey) started at Colby College. Each semester, I offer four to five 60-minute workshops on a variety of topics related to writing pedagogy. As part of this program, I collaborate with faculty colleagues across disciplines and with colleagues in Academic ITS and research librarians. Each year, I try to balance offering workshops on both important, recurring topics (e.g., responding to students’ writing, assignment design, and inclusive writing pedagogies) and new subjects that respond to faculty needs and interests (e.g., group writing, blogging in advanced majors’ courses).

Download the Writing Fellows Guidelines for Faculty

Download the Fall Writing Pedagogy Lunches Flyer

Download the Spring Writing Pedagogy Lunches Flyer