John Jay College of Criminal Justice First Year Writing Program

Tim McCormack and Mark McBeth

We have included the proposal to our college curriculum committee for our ENGL100 course. As a means to illustrate the initial steps in developing the John Jay writing curriculum, these governance-required protocol documents represent the curriculum design description and rational as it was first proposed to our English department faculty, to the college-wide curriculum committee, and to the College Council, who would finally ratify the curriculum as institutional policy in 2005.  These types of documents represent the labors of carefully articulated rhetoric that a WPA must finesse to convince a department, a campus faculty, and an upper administration of the value of sound writing curriculum.  Note that the tone, word choice and style of these documents is aimed at this larger audience and does not at all resemble the documents we would go on to create to introduce the curriculum to our writing faculty or to writing program administrators within and outside the university.  In taking this document out of the archive, we also notice that the current curriculum with its decade-long evolution barely seems recognizable in these now historical accounts of its original design and planning.

Download the English100 Course Proposal