Purdue University Graduate Program in Rhetoric and Composition

Patricia Sullivan

As a model of an important primary document, I have included in the online companion the most recent copy of the student check-in distributed to the faculty in June 2015.  This check-in details what secondary areas the students are completing and thus may predict some course needs. Covering one year, it also reveals how the students talk about their teaching and other appointments, work they do on behalf of the campus, conference presentations, articles in some stage of completion, awards they have received, and their plans for the next year. This document accompanies the individual feedback given to each student and is drawn from their submissions (a Google form or a highlighted CV), their transcripts, and any information shared with me by faculty. It may seem light hearted, but students have reported it also encourages them that everyone is hard at work and that we care about their success.

Download the Spring Check-in for Rhetoric and Composition Graduate Students