St Louis Community College ESL Program

Lisa Wilkinson and Heather McKay

The portfolio exchange, in which in-class, ungraded student writing is sent to other teachers in that class level with all identifying student information removed, is central to maintaining the student learning outcomes of our program. Included in the online companion is the document that describes the process to faculty. This involves meeting other teachers to discuss papers, and completing the rubric for each level, systematically collecting the data from those rubrics, and then sharing that data and generating teaching strategies around the results is central to the integrity of what we do in the St. Louis Community College ESL program. We also included a report of results from our Spring 2015 portfolio rating, which we use for discussion among instructors. In addition, we frequently exchange syllabi, assignment prompts, and other teaching materials via email, and we consider these primary documents and our sharing of teacher-created curriculum to be fundamental to our program.

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